Resilience and culture

A philosophical view of creativity

Underground cave with pool of water
Underground cave with pool of water
A shaft of light reveals a beautiful hidden pool.


When walking becomes the destination itself

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Creative aging

Growing older means more dots to connect

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Grey matters!

Or, how to de-sanitize your writing and give meaning to life’s garbage!

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  1. Three simple steps to outline a powerful story.
  2. How to create an original metaphor.
  3. How to confidently include emotions and vulnerability.
  4. The necessity of including strong verbs.
  5. Three more…

What gives them the survivor’s edge?

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An open call to all creative champions to submit an article—submission deadline is August 25, 2021

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Beware, questions are fateful!

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Escape the prison of ‘today’ for the freedom of ‘tomorrow’!

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Creative practice

A technique to help maintain focus while listening

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In praise of a little dependence

  1. Low risk of disease and disease-related disability.
  2. Maintenance of high mental and physical function.
  3. Continued engagement with life, which includes relations with…

Jen Gippel PhD

Mother of 3 | Ph.D. Finance, MSc Creativity Studies | Combining science and personal experience I write about Creativity, Writing, Finance, and Life.

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