5 Freedoms That Make Your 50s Absolutely Fabulous!

A masterclass on turning 50

Jen Gippel PhD
5 min readSep 13, 2021



If you take a different direction in your fifties no matter how small the turn, be prepared to be accused of having a mid-life crisis. “Crisis” implies calamity and danger. But the stereotypical mid-life crisis can also mean something very different. It can simply mean a change point and therefore opportunity.

A reckless turn will indeed invite danger. But for most of us, our fifties are more of a time for doing new things. Call your yearning for change a crisis if you must. But there is nothing to fear in turning 50. In fact, there are some authentic, liberating, and beautiful experiences awaiting you. Your job is to be brave, curious, and spontaneous because this decade will come and go in a flash.

For me, turning fifty was a liminal space. In my youth, I made commitments to relationships and parenthood. In doing so, I left behind certain gifts, some of which I was unaware of. But they waited—languishing in the underworld of potential. Turning 50, for many reasons, signaled the time to recover them.

5 Reasons to Welcome Your 50s

1. A spiritual being on a human path

Turning 50 really feels like a halfway point and this fact alone probably causes many to begin questioning their purpose and future direction more deeply. In doing so, we begin to crystalize our wisdom. For me, there was a sense that the journey changed into one of a spiritual being on a human path; rather than a human being who may or may not be on a spiritual path. Questions came and went:

What did I come to do?
What might be my purpose going forward?
What did I come to learn?
Who did I come to love? Who loves me?
Where might be all the places I could go now?

Although there may be no answers to the questions and certainly no right or wrong answers, merely asking them opens up space for possibility, contemplation, and opportunity for a new way forward.

2. More time to tap into your creative power and potential



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